Links to some stuff I found useful or interesting in my stint as KS regional and Kingdom Treasurer

by Katriana

Please note, the information here hasn't been significantly updated since about 2005. So if you found this in a search, please look for more current information

2005 DOMESDAYS Comparative Balance Sheets and Income Statements for every group in the Kingdom.

2004 DOMESDAYS Comparative Balance Sheets and Income Statements for every group in the Kingdom.

Introduction to being a Treasurer
I wrote it, so it's very unofficial (and maybe a little strange)

Calontir Seneschals Guide to Checking Treasurer's Reports
I wrote this (with help from Alina) to help seneschals check the reports. I would encourage treasurers to read it also.

What to do if you're out of Balance
Tips from the Society Exchequer

Quick Guide to SCA Expenses
Having trouble figuring out where the expenses go? Maybe this will help

Bad Checks
An informal policy I wrote, adapted from the Treasurer's Handbook

Receipts and Cash Advances
Stuff I learned over the years

Incipient Groups
A very brief and informal introduction to money management for incipient groups

Common Signature Card Problems
Common problems that may cause the Kingdom Treasurer to return your bank signature card unsigned.

The Calontir Exchequers E-mail list
An email list just for talking amongst ourselves in Calontir. Important stuff too, like the secret handshake and secret codes (ok, maybe not.) This is a very low volume list that exists mainly so all the group exchequers with email can be contacted at once. Announcement will be forwarded from the Society Exchquer, reminders of quarterly and Domesday deadlines

The Society Wide E-mail list
Yes, you too can join an email list just for discussing SCA financial and financial report stuff. But you might ask your question on the CalontirExchequers list first, we might know the answer. Seriously, this list is a good resource and the files section has stuff you might need.

The Dialogue Concerning the Exchequer. circa 1180
Not related to being an SCA treasurer, but sure is neat!

Funds of the Kingdom of Calontir as of 12/1/2005 List of the funds maintained by the Kingdom of Calontir.

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