Quick Guide to SCA Expenses

There are very few expenses that can't be categorized quickly, but it does take some experience to do it. Below is my first attempt at a quick guide. Please give feedback :-)

First, there are three divisions of expenses, Office & Administration, Event Related, Fundraising.

Office & Administration (O&A) is stuff that could be used by any organization; office supplies, meeting rooms, etc.

Activity Related (AR) includes more than stuff that you buy for an event! It also includes stuff that is sort-of SCA-specific such as list ropes, banner supplies, armor-making equipment. The IRS calls this category "program services". Look at the end use of the stuff. Is it something that the local Kiwanas club would do? If so, probably O&A, if not, probably AR. Examples: Rope, used by many groups, but for list ropes? AR: Food, used for historic feasts, AR: File boxes, you may be keeping SCA files in them, but files are files, and everybody's got them, O&A.

Fundraising (FR): This is pretty strictly defined in the handbook. Expenses only go here if that is the sole purpose of the function. Bake sales, car washes, that sort of thing. Demos may raise money, but their primary purpose is education, which is the primary purpose of the SCA, so those expenses are AR.

On the to big list of categories and the "quick" part.

Are you renting it and the purpose is for people to meet in/on it? Occupancy (webpages are now fees, O&A) (porta-potties go under equipment rental)

Are you renting it and it's not for people to meet in/on? Equipment Rental (storage sheds go under occupancy, O&A, even if they are very small)

You bought stuff, is it edible? Food

You bought stuff and it's inedible - Supplies

Advertising refers to advertising outside the SCA. Webspace is Fees O&A (change as of 2004.) Mews ads are Transfers in Kingdom (change as of 2006) even if you transferred the money through a non-SCA account and don't do that anymore (change as of 2006)

Postage is stamps or metered mail. O&A for newsletters, AR for event flyers (if mailed out)

Printing & Publications is photocopies. Buying books is supplies, this category refers to the expense of publishing your own stuff.

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