Funds of the Kingdom of Calontir

Ongoing Funds

Some of these funds are administered by an officer, others by committee chairs. In all cases, final approval of budgets and expenses rests with the Kingdom Financial Committee (King/Queen, Seneschal, Treasurer.) Receipts must be presented for reimbursement.

For more information on spending money, please see the Purchasing Procedure.

General Fund
The default for all monies not specified for another fund. Money to fund the day to day operations of the Kingdom come from this fund. This is where all the other funds (except the Endowment Fund) will end up if they are deemed unnecessary.

Archery Fund
Intended primarily to help with funding archery supplies for Kings Company of Archers. Disbursements are authorized by the Kingdom Archer General and the Kingdom Earl Marshal and approved by the Kingdom Financial Committee.

Chatelaines Fund
Examples of the use of this fund would be to provide money for the Newcomers Symposium. Disbursements are authorized by the Kingdom Chatelaine and approved by the Kingdom Financial Committee.

Endowment Fund (closed)
The Calontir Endowment Fund was set up with no secondary purpose, so it is against the current rules. The money in it cannot be returned, so it just sits, generating interest. Which is its purpose.

Equestrian Fund
Disbursements are authorized by the Kingdom Equestrian Marshal and the Kingdom Earl Marshal and approved by the Kingdom Financial Committee.

Hospitality Fund
Also known as the “party” fund, this provides the money for some of the non-alcoholic party supplies and food. Budgets are prepared by the person in charge of the party and approved by the Kingdom Financial Committee. Funds are donated by groups and individuals, they do not come from the General Fund.

The Non-Member Surcharge fund exists only as long as the corporation requires. The Kingdom receives transfers from groups and sends one quarterly check to the Society. The Kingdom Treasurer and the NMS Deputy oversee this fund.

This fund provides money for new regalia items, such as thrones, crowns, and feast gear or repairs to existing regalia. Items may be commissioned by the Kingdom, or offered by individuals or groups, but all purchases and commissions must go through the Regalia Deputy and be approved by the Kingdom Financial Committee (at least), and preferably by the Witan (Great Officers of Calontir.)

Royal Pavilion
Money in this fund is dedicated to the purchase of materials for a new pavilion. The Kingdom Pavilions see heavy use, and have a limited life. The Chair of the Pavilion Committee presents a budget for a new pavilion to the Kingdom Financial Committee. The money in the fund was specifically donated or raised for the pavilion, the Kingdom may choose to supplement the monies in this fund.

Saker/Red Hawk Herald
These are the commenting positions of the heralds office in Calontir. Postage and Copies are the ongoing expenses. Money comes from heraldic submissions. Gold Falcon is the officer who authorizes expenditures, with final approval by the Kingdom Financial Committee for large purchases.

The Gatorade, pickles and general supplies, among other things are purchased with money from this fund. The Kingdom Waterbearer authorizes expenses, with final approval by the Kingdom Financial Committee.

Soup Kitchen
The Waterbearer deputy in charge of the Soup Kitchen recommends expenditures to the Kingdom Waterbearer and the Kingdom Financial Committee has the final approval of expenditures.

Non-ongoing funds (will cease to exist when the money is spent)

Kestral (MoC) Money for the Minister of Children’s use.

Non-Group Accounts held by the Kingdom

Other than Lilies War, no non-group may have a bank account in Calontir. Money may be held by the Kingdom, or by a local group. If an organization forms a financial committee (as defined by Society Branch Financial Policy) they may approve their expenses and simply send in receipts for reimbursement. If an organization has no financial committee, the Kingdom Financial Committee must approve expenditures.
Cooks Guild
Fiber Guild
Scribes Guild
Pottery Guild

Reign funds

Calontir allocates the Great Officers and a few deputies money during each reign. At the close of a reign, all remaining money is returned to the General Fund and fresh funds are allocated for the next reign. The amounts are subject to change with each reign.

Royalty receives a travel fund of $1000 when they win Crown Tournament. This money is supplemented by donations from individuals and groups. Any money remaining (up to a certain amount) after their reign is transferred to the new King and Queen (whose own travel fund started when they won Crown)
Their Majesties also have an “office fund” which can be used for non-travel expenses of their reign.

Officer funds are used at the discretion of the officer, but are primarily used for postage, copying, and supplies. Amounts vary depending on the reign. Special and extraordinary expenses are approved separately and come out of the general fund.

Chronicler For office expenses, not publishing the Mews
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Gold Falcon
Minister of Children
Falcon Signet For reimbursing scribes for materials, funding the Scribe's Symposium, purchasing supplies to be used at events (to assist in the painting of preprints, and having supplies on hand to give small samples to interested people.
Fighter Cards Deputy

There are two additional funds that are renewed every reign.
Repairs and tires, to transport the kingdom trailer are reimbursed from this fund. The Trailer Deputy (or person in charge of the trailer) would make recommendations for expenditures for the upkeep of the trailer to The Kingdom Financial Committee, which has final approval of these expenses. Gas receipts for transporting the trailor are reimbursed at 50%.
Minor repairs (ropes, stakes, patches) as well as pavilion lighting comes from this fund. The person in charge of the pavilion can approve these, or the Kingdom Financial Committee.