Calontir Endowment Fund

The Calontir Endowment Fund was set up in 19.. for the purpose of providing an ongoing source of income for the Kingdom of Calontir. The original fund is closed, and no further money can be contributed to it because it does not meet the current SCA Branch Financial Policy (all funds must now have a secondary purpose.)

I have reproduced several documents relating to the history of the Endowment Fund, and methods of fundraising for it. These are here for historical interest and preservation only.

If a similar fund was to be set up now, with a secondary purpose and the knowledge that the money could be rolled into the general fund, the original Endowment Fund monies could be used to increase the total, but the original money can never be used for a purpose other than that for which it was raised.

Letter from Graf Syr Shadan relating the history of the CEF

Calontir Endowment Fund

I have received a number of enquiries concerning the Calontir Endowment Fund (C.E.F.) from people who wish to know what it is, where it came from, and how it works. I thought that I'd take this opportunity to answer these questions, and to encourage everyone to contribute to the Fund when they can.

The idea behind the CEF was first set forth by Lord Niccolo del Ragno of NoMountain. In order to provide funds for the operating expenses of the Kingdom, Lord Niccolo saw that Calontir needed a regular, dependable, source of income. Since the Kingdom had relied solely on the goodwill of the people and the branches, there was a constant drain on the populace. It made more sense to try to set aside some of these funds, invest them, and then use the income that they would generate.

From this initial concept the CEF was born. It is a fund of money that currently is small, and the interest that it generates is not great. The way the fund has been established, the principle cannot be spent. This insures that any contributions to the fund will benefit the Kingdom in the years to come, far longer than if the money was spent immediately. The interest will provide money for each of the Great Offices, for purchase of needed Kingdom regalia, and to offset the travel expenses of the Crown.

Ideally, if we can work to get the CEF large enough, it alone will provide the Kingdom with all the money needed, and no longer will appeals to the populace be necessary for the day to day expenses. To do this will require substantial support from the populace and branches, in the form of tithings and contributions. Also, fundraising projects for the CEF will help us to acheive this self-sufficiency. At this point I am planning on a spring fundraiser to benefit the CEF. If you would like to help with this effort, or if you (or your group) would like to make a contribution to the CEF, please contact the Kingdom Treasurer, Lord Harald of Bear's Haven, or myself. Remember - - your contribution now will not only help the Kingdom far into the future, it will also make Calontir the envy of the Knowne World.

In Service to Calontir,

Graf Syr Shadan,
Director, CEF

Rules for the CEF as published in the Mews and mailed out to donors

Rules of the Endowment Fund

This fund will be called the Endowment Fund of the Kingdom of Calontir of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., but probably not very often. This fund will hereinafter generally be referred to as "it." It will be a fund within the treasury of the Kingdom of Calontir of the S.C.A., Inc.

The purpose for all this is to assure a continuing source of income for the Kingdom.

No money donated to it will ever be spent, directly or indirectly, for the Kingdom (except as described in the loophole, section V). The money in the fund will be invested, and the proceeds will be spent. The proceeds will be spent only by the Kingdom of Calontir, according to its kingdom laws.

Should there ever not be a Kingdom of Calontir of the SCA, this fund with all the same rules gets transferred to the largest branch of the SCA entirely included within the area that once was the Kingdom of Calontir.

I don't want to set this up and then have it be more trouble than it's worth. Therefore, if the total donated to this fund hasn't reached $1000 by two years after the first donation to it is accepted, all of the above rules, and the fund itself, disappear, and the money gets plunked into the general fund of the Kingdom.

Anybody who wants to can donated money to this fund. The Kingdom Treasurer can say "No more than X percent of any donation to the Kingdom can go into the endowment fund." X can be anything within reason, and the Kingdom Treasurer can change it whenever he wants to.