Kingdom of Calontir – Office of the Exchequer

Purchasing Procedure

“Now that I have a budget, how do I buy stuff?”

The following has been written to clarify the procedure for making purchases or otherwise requesting payments from Kingdom funds.

Step One: Answer the following questions:

Question One: Do you have the authority to spend money? If you are a Kingdom Great Officer, or know that you have a fund, then you may spend money to be reimbursed out of your fund. If you are not sure, contact the Kingdom Treasurer, BEFORE you spend money for the kingdom. Please make sure you have the authority to spend money, otherwise you may not be reimbursed.

Question Two: Is the expense reimbursable? As a 501(c)3 organization, there are rules about what we can and cannot spend money on. If in doubt, contact the Kingdom Treasurer BEFORE you spend money.

Question Three: Is there enough money in your fund? Contact the Kingdom Treasurer. (You may notice a theme here, the Kingdom Treasurer likes to know what is going on financially with the kingdom.)

Step Two: Spend Money! Once you have answered yes to all the above, you may spend money on behalf of the Kingdom. Receipts will be required for reimbursement, if you cannot get a receipt, contact the Kingdom Treasurer.

Step Three: Get Reimbursed! Make copies of your receipts! Not keeping copies puts all your faith in the US postal system and the household of the Kingdom Treasurer and can lead to much stress. Make sure your receipts are labeled with the name of the store and each item is labeled. You may mail the receipts to the Kingdom Treasurer or wait until you are both at an event and you remember to hand over the receipts and the Kingdom Treasurer has the time/place to accept them. (In case you couldn't tell, I highly recommend the mailing option.)

How much time should you allow for the above? If you are not in charge of a fund (money that is “pre-approved” for certain things), then ALL expenses have to be approved by the Kingdom Financial Committee (TRM, Kingdom Seneschal, Kingdom Treasurer) This can happen very quickly, or it can take weeks. Getting reimbursed is also not an immediate process, as two signatures are required on SCA accounts in Calontir, so the Kingdom Treasurer must first check over, add up (even if you do it also), verify funds/approval then get a second signature on the check. If you plan to hand in receipts in person, emailing a scan of the receipts may help speed the process.

Gasoline Most people will not have fuel receipts to turn in. Talk to the Kingdom Treasurer before you count on getting fuel reimbursed! Fuel receipts also need to be clearly marked with the store and the date. If you purchase things other than gasoline, they should be clearly marked. Fill up your tank before starting your trip! That is gasoline that you used during the week for non-reimbursable travel. All the fuel receipts after this one should be saved and marked with the name of the event. Fill up your tank when you get home from the trip! This starts your non-SCA travel off with the full tank of gas you had when you started.

QUESTIONS? Contact the Kingdom Treasurer.