What Makes a Good Receipt?

There is some information that must be present on a receipt. If the cash register doesn't print this information (or if it is a hand written receipt), this information must be written in or noted somewhere.

  1. Date of purchase
  2. Store name (or individual purchased from)
  3. What was purchased ("merchandise" is not enough)

Be careful with thermal printed receipts (most of them, these days) they fade easily in heat (such as pants pockets, car dashboards or glove compartments). Be sure receipts are labeled clearly when the purchase is made. It's much easier to write information on the receipt when the knowledge is fresh in your mind.

Cash Advances in Calontir

Calontir Cash Advance Forms Adobe Acrobat
Please use either this or a similar form. Suggestions for improvement gratefully accepted.

For Treasurers

Cash advances are allowed, although they must be carefully tracked. It is always preferable to reimburse receipts rather than making a cash advance; however cash advances are sometimes necessary.

If someone is going to need access either very large sums, or over a long period of time, consider making sequential cash advances as the recipient turn in receipts i.e. Lord Yohan gets a cash advance for $400 for feast, turns in receipts and cash totaling $400 and is given another $350 in a new cash advance for the rest of feast.

The first form (or a similar form) is mandatory, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a cash advance be made without the recipientís signature.

Your group financial committee must approve any cash advances. If they are approved via email, print out the emails and attach to the form.

For Everyone Else

It is up to your group's financial committee whether or not they will grant a cash advance. If a cash advance is approved, you have a maximum of 60 days from the date of the cash advance to present acceptable receipts and/or cash totalling at least the amount of the cash advance to your group treasurer. If more time is needed, you can turn in money and receipts and ask the group for another cash advance.

If the group treasurer doesn't provide one, you might find an envelope to keep the receipts in. Try to turn things in as soon as possible.

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