Incipient Groups

SCA Branch Financial Policy forbids Incipient groups from having bank accounts.

Does this mean that we can’t have money? No, but it means that your sponsoring SCA group must hold your money for you in their bank account.

Since we don’t have money, that means we don’t have reports, right? Well, no. But it does mean that you have a very easy report. The Negative Report Form is what you file when you have no SCA assets (property or cash.) Send the Negative Report directly to the Kingdom Treasurer. Filing this report means that when the Kingdom Seneschal asks if you are reporting regularly, the answer can be “YES”

So, if they have our money, how can we spend our money? You must submit requests, just like a member of the sponsoring group, to the financial committee. Then the sponsoring group treasurer writes a check for the expense.

What if they say no? Well, there are many things you can’t do with SCA funds. Look at this as a learning experience.

What if they say no just because they don’t like us? Ok, maybe they shouldn’t be sponsoring you… If you feel a request is being denied improperly, you can always ask the Kingdom Treasurer for help/advice. There is a grievance procedure in the Seneschals Handbook, it sounds like you might need to learn it.

Why don’t we get a say in how we spend our money? Ask to sit in on the financial committee discussion. Financial decisions may not be secret, but only the members of the financial committee get to “vote” on the results.

What prevents the sponsoring group from spending our money? Hopefully they are tracking the money as a separate fund within their general fund. If you have real concerns, TALK to the sponsoring group treasurer and seneschal, and TALK to the Kingdom Seneschal and Exchequer.

We had a fundraiser and I don’t want to mail cash. Can I deposit the money in my personal account and mail a check to the sponsoring group? NO. If there is no way to get the money to the sponsoring groups bank fairly quickly, then buy a money order/cashier’s check to mail to the sponsoring group (save the receipt, you can get reimbursed for the purchase price.) DO NOT run SCA money through personal accounts.

This sounds like a lot of work, can we just keep the cash in a can in my backyard? This is America, you have many rights as a citizen. But if you have SCA money (you collected it for an SCA group), THAT money MUST BE IN AN SCA ACCOUNT!

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