SCA Images, Stories, and Songs Through Pavels Eyes

The back ground is a Calon Shield wall fighting an SCA foe, Many give me the lions share of credit for its use in the SCA.

The Story of Pavel

The Short Version

Pennsic XI

Looking Good in the Rain

Lilies VIII

Corn On the Cob!!

Estrella XII

Trip of Pain II

Pavel Holler (Song)

Stu in Action

Pig Hunting Story

"It Was Still Twitching!!"

A Pennsic XXI Bridge Battle

Hay Bales of Death

Ariel and I wipe out the East


Beating the King with Traffic Cones

Should be a Bag Limit

A Typical Court for Me


A Quick Yoshi Story

Forgive Meeee!

Riding the Wild Scutum!

Put it in Second Gear!!

Hatchet Hand!!!

Sharpen Those Rodents!!

Crown Invite

Please Notice Me!

Early Article on Calon Shield Wall

We still use a lot of it.

Turning Your Slab of Aluminum into a Scutum

I've made 9 of them

Early Paper on Calon Tactics

We still use some of it.

Icon of 'Saint Pavel'

Myrideth did it..

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