The SCA History and Persona of Pavel

I joined October of ’80. I was invited to my first meeting by some D&D buds. Was an ok meeting with Erich and Asgeirr showing how to make mail. They told some cool stories and I thought it would be fun to hang with them.

As we were leaving they were standing in the door shaking everyone’s hands. (was a very small group then 8-12 folks.) I was on the Asgeirr side. He grabbed my hand and shook it saying that he was Asgeirr Gunnarsson and hoped I would come back. I replied that I was Paul Byers and I fucked sheep. His eyes opened real big and he held on tight to my hand. Looking at Eric he exclaimed, "This one we keep"! Thus, I joined the SCA.

My first name choice was Carl, alleged Earl of Douchebag…..That did not go over well. So I tried Bowal Mov-Ment. Worked well till a herald said it fast….So…. My nick name has been Pavel since I was 2-3, and My father is Alan Joseph Byers. (Most folk call him A.J. Though he will answer to Alan or Joseph.) Not liking Alanivich I went with Joshivich. Thus I became Pavel Yosivich. (I spell my last name different ever time.)

My device was a long fought war of attrition with the heralds. They would lose it or not like something and try to bounce it. I would kill and eat a herald on the field. They would ask me to resubmit my device, I would kill and eat a herald. We finally compromised and they gave me the device I wanted and I quit eating the heralds I killed.

A Graphic of My Device
Vert, A pale, argent, cotessed, a wren, proper, regardent, over all,
Endorsed with the device of Calontir.

I chose the Wren (Troglodytes Troglodytes) as my totem beast because it is one of few animals that is native to all the Continents..
It’s a small gray bird that eats shit and always survives.
Kinda inspiring huh?

Pavel Was born in Kiev sometime between 990 and 1040. He has one younger brother, a 6’6" brute named Yuri and one younger sister a 6’7" battle maid named Helga. (Pavel being the runt of the litter carries all the scars attendant to this position.) His father was a minor Boyar in the service to the Grand Prince. Pavel liked hitting things and playing with the troops. So took to soldiering natural like. Being very bad with directions, and not a little brain damaged, he got lost not long after going on campaign against the evil Byzentines, or was it the Poles? Anywway, he wandered around fighting, never quite selling his sword, just fighting and being loyal to the guy feeding him. One day after getting washed off of a small ship he ended up being the House Guard of a King on an island and has stayed there every since.

Oh, and he seems to be romantically involved with this little Scot hellion named Fionna who dresses funny, but she’s soft and warm. The two of them share a small parcel of land, named Wren Haven, with this little person called Alexis Pavlova who showed up after Fionna was sick for a while.

I joined in the region days of Calontir. I am proudly Grimfells born. I was there for most of the Principality/Kingdom events.

I have Brewed, Fletched, Drank, Eaten, Arched, Fought, Sung, Told Stories, Armored, Worked Wood, Cooked and just generally had a great time in the SCA

Master Pavel, OP, MSCA
Baron of the Court of Calontir
Huscarl of Calontir, Cross of Calontir
Archer Fyrdman, Fighting Fyrdman, Torse, Trillium Argentus, Leather Mallet,
Sword of Calontir.
Theign De Rosinyal, Theign Hywilla, Theign Secarious
Queens Cipher (OutLands)
Purple Fret (Middle)

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