Hatchet Hand!!!

Sharpen Those Rodents!!

Hatchet Hand - A Calligraphy Hand

Researched By Pavel

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(10,000 B.C. Gonwonaland)

The first recording of this style is from the records of early bear fat merchants. These merchants used a sharpened rodent for a quill.

The pen strokes are harsh slashes accompanied by guttural noises. The pen (or a meat haunch, in some cases) is held much like one would hold a stone ax: in backward countries like Norway and Finland the stone ax is still used in this manner. The height and width of the letters varies directly with the amount of pressure the author puts on his tongue with his teeth. The execution of a rounded letter, such as an s or an o, usually requires that the nib be replaced after making the letter, since the nib is destroyed in such an operation. It is suggested that a calligrapher use a sharpened burn stick instead of a quill for this style.

The advent of education has almost destroyed this style. It is still practiced by intelligent wharf rats and semi-sentient barbarians.

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