A Typical Court for Me


My Typical Court Experience

No Shit, there I was

It was at some court in Forgotten Sea.(I think it was Forgotten Sea, I was foggy that whole weekend.) I had been imbibing heavily the night before. So was sleeping in the back of court. His grace Cain, Count Rodrick and Ld. Simon found me and decided that they had not caused me great harm since they head butted my tent down. ('nother story.) Sooooooo......

When the herald announced an order I was in they woke me and sent me down. I was supposed to be there so this turned off my paranoia. I went back to the back of court and back to sleep. They then slipped Simons red 'santa' hat on me and waited for the herald to call for someone who was not on site. When they did they woke me and told me that I had just been called up .

I got up, fixed my 'hat' and strode up the to front of court. Well, you know how loud my boots can be, and as everyone knew that I was not the one called up they figured that something was up, so were real quiet. I got to their Majesties, bowed and knelt. (always a painful exercise.) The king (don't remember who it was. *sigh*) in a loud and strained voice asked me what business I had with the court. I blinked, and in a equally loud voice said. "I have no clue why I'm here." The crowd started to laugh, I turned bright red, stood, bowed and retreated at my best waddle.

Did annoy the court a little more as I tried to beat Rodrick, Cain, and Simon to death in the back of court with a 'santa' hat full of sand.

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