A Quick Yoshi Story

Forgive Meeee!

A Quick Yoshi Story

No Shit, there we were Estrella *sniffle, Hack! Ptooo! Ahhhh..* I was carrying scutum and Yoshi was backing me up with spear.

It was one of the broken field battles and we had been working as a well oiled team. I would crash into them getting a few kills and when they would get me stopped, Yoshi would gig all who stood. Not a word had passed between us for about 10 minutes and dozens of the foe had fallen to us.

The foe finally got a good unit against the two of us and I told Yoshi to get ready to charge. When he heard my voice he stiffened, He had been unaware of who was his Scutum until then. These were the days before Yosh was even a Hyrd, he had just made Fyrd. He boomed in a loud voice "No! Your Excellency, I will shield you!" and leapt out in front! In front of my nice warm Scutum! (Leaving my butt in the wind in the process.) Every time I would try to get in front of him he would shield me with his bulk. They quickly nailed him and I was all alone. As I was walking back with him, Yoshi kept apologizing. "It was my training! Defend the nobles! You're a noble! Forgive meeee!"

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