Songs written by Andrixos Seljukroctonis

Arms of Andrixos Seljukroctonis; Per bend sinister gules and purpure, on a bend sinister dovetailed argent between two double-bitted axes Or a bull's head caboshed palewise sable Andrixos Seljukroctonis (drx)
mka: Steven Boyd
Webpage: Calontir Trim
Source: assorted

Policy on Downloading and Publishing

My songs are written to entertain an SCA audience, to promote the shared vision of honour and chivalric deeds common to us all. If my songs can add to that feeling, so much the better. Therefore, I publish them for free use within the restrictions on this document. Please read it before downloading. It will help you to understand my philosophy to see why I put these minimal restrictions on publication.

First, I am a "working" bard, not just an armchair lyricist. While I have written about two dozen songs, I probably know the lyrics to almost one hundred. It is my firm belief that one cannot properly perform a song from a songbook. I never use them in performance, save in the very rare instance of a request for a piece particulary appropriate to the moment. To me, performing a song from a book means that you do not value it enough to learn it. While some bards have gone so far as to request that their works never be written down, I am not so strident. Rather I do not want them performed from a book, though it doesn't bother me if you learn them from a printed page. So, Rule Number 1: If you download these songs, do not print them in fonts larger than 10 point.

Publication: While I do not collect them myself, I admit the value of SCA songbooks. If you are compiling one for personal use, go ahead and include these works, as long as you follow rule number one. If you are planning to make multiple copies or offer the work for sale to benefit an SCA branch or charity, please contact me for permission. I will request that Rule Number one be printed that the bottom of each page, and that you send me a copy of the songbook. If you wish permission to include my works in your "for-sale" songbook, please contact me at

Rule Number One: As the author of this work does not wish this piece sung from a lyrics-sheet, please do not print it in a font larger than 10 point. Please ensure that this statement accompanies all copies of these lyrics that you make.

Rule Number Two: See Rule Number One

Andrixos Seljukroctonis, OP OL
mka Steve Boyd, aka the Calontir Trim Guy

Andrixos' Songs

Argent's Song music
As We March Singing Off to War music
Awake Calontir music
The Birth of Vindheim music
Calm in the Storm music
Dolan's Processional Song music
Dragon's Sons at War music
For Gõcauo music
For Lycurgus music
French Fleur-de-Lis music
Fyrd Song music
The Gate We Couldn't Hold (Phaedra's Gate) music
Gratias Aquariabus (Thank you waterbearers) music
Hamster Song (Fighting Hamsters) by Kensor, Andrixos and the Thugs music
Heart of the Heartland music
The Hues of the Outlands music
Hymn for the Founders music
Hymn for the Soup Kitchen music
Leaving Song music
Leagacy's Gift music
Lily-Falcon Crown music
No Heroes In Here music
Paddy's Revenge music
Pavilion Hymn music
Proud Falcon Tabard music
The Reapermen (A Simple Farming Song) music
Requiem for a Huscarl music
Song for Celegur music
Song for Constantine music
Song of the Hirth Banner music
Strongest and Best music
Sweet Calontir music
Summits' Song music
Sun Occidental music
Swords of Calontir music
The Talons written on the day of the creation of the Optios of the Legion of Ansteorramusic
Thrice Joyous music
Tourney Widow's Lament music
Under the Shield Wall by Chidiock the Younger and Andrixos music
The War That Never Happened music

Andrixos' Words

Calontir History On the Calontir Website / backup on calonsong

Andrixos Latin lessons in the Bird of Prey (on the Bird of Prey website)


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