No Heroes In Here

Words and Music: Andrixos Seljukroctonis
Source: As We March Singing Off to War

Everybody dies.
Nobody lives.
Nobody loves.
Nobody gets laid.
---------------Traditional Calontir

Shrilly the trumpets now to muster are calling.
Arise now ye Calon lads to battle once more.
Alas, though the scouts report the odds appalling,
In such lies our glory as we march off to war.
Don now your sword and shield. Prepare to take the field.
Face every foeman with a smile and good cheer.
Lift up your banner high and sing out our battle cry
Of Calontir's Army, "No Heroes in Here!"

High on a hilltop with the dust all around us,
We rally to battle round the flag of Greymoor.
Though ten times our number of the Sun's men surround us,
We face certain slaughter though we add to the lore.
Sing of the Shield Wall. Brave men die one and all.
History's taught us death is nothing to fear.
Fight well ye Calon band, and die in a glorious stand.
Repeating our war cry, "No Heroes in Here!"

'Cross the ravine a great army is standing,
Holding the banner we had promised to sieze.
The bloody steep slope is both hard and demanding.
We sing songs of battle as we fall in the trees.
Die well ye Calon men for surely you'll fight again.
Remember our honor is the thing we hold dear.
Call not that cup-shot light; No soldier gets laid tonight.
In camp as in battle there're No Heroes in Here!

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