As We March Singing Off to War

Words and Music: Andrixos Seljukroctonis
Source: As We March Singing Off to War
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When the armies all are mustered and the trumpet's call is heard.
From his home deep in the heartland there flies forth a wondrous bird.
His beak and talons sharpened, his plumage brilliant gold,
An army made of warriors, all faithful strong and bold.

As we march singing off to war
Making friends and slaying foemen by the score
Singing loud so all can hear
We're the bonny fearsome force of Calontir.

When the battle is upon us we all put on winning smiles
A stirring anthem echoes all throught the ranks and files.
The singing isn't pretty, but I promise it is loud.
We fight for Crown and Kingdom and all know that we are proud.

We are no mercenaries, we just come out to play.
But if you need to thank us we'll take cookies as our pay.
No Heroes is our motto, we do as we are told.
Short bridges and long revels are what we love to hold.

Though we fight for Crown and Kingdom, we also fight for pride.
Our friendship knows no boundries, we'll drink with either side.
We call out to our foemen as they fall beneath our spears,
"Come join us in our camp tonight, carouse with Calontir."

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