Calonsong is a personal webpage run by Katriana op den Dijk (Evelyn Alden).
Personal means that it's mine, and not associated in any official way with the Society for Creative Anachronism, the Kingdom of Calontir, or any official group.

The name Calonsong comes from an early songbook of Calontir.

Calontir Songbook
Songs from and about the SCA Kingdom of Calontir

Kansas Songs
Songs from and about the State of Kansas

Pavel's Home page
Pulled from what I saved and what the Wayback machine saved.

Argent the Silver Demobison
Retyped from the original document.

Interkingdom Peace
The start of a history page for an event that was a yearly occurance for several years.

Dance Stuff
Stuff I've collected and/or written about SCA dance

Treasurer Stuff
I was a local treasurer for many years, Kansas regional for many years, and Kingdom Treasurer. This is some stuff I wrote or had available. None of it is necessarily current information.

Another Day (in the SCA)
A cartoon book series written by my mother

Order of Precedence and Online Armorial for the Shire of Crescent Moon, Calontir

The email discussion of the "Trojan Horse" virus as played out on the Calontir List.

From some postings on the Calonnet:
You might be Calontiri if... and What is the Calontir Army by Ferd

My mother used to have a bookstore in the SCA called Tomes and Tunes. If you want to see who wrote her a bad check. (and yes, we'd still like the money back, thank you very much. These checks were written for merchandise that we had to pay for, back when I was unemployed or severely underemployed, and the shop was our major source of income.)

To see my eBay auctions

If you've ever wondered just often we clean, look at what mom found in her dresser drawer

Katriana's Home Page
family pictures, how I joined, other odds and ends

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If you were paying attention above, you know that this is a personal website, and has no official connection with the SCA, or anybody else with resources.

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