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Hi there,

I have several names to go by. In the "real" world, I'm Evelyn Alden. Many more people know me in the SCA as Katriana op den Dijk. On eBay I'm tomes2.

In the SCA, my interests are dance and dance music. In past years I could be found at Pennsic in the barn any night there was dancing. I should return to Pennsic, as I now have a real job with real vacation time! During the day, I used to help my mother in her bookstore, Tomes & Tunes. Mom is now retiring, and Tomes and Tunes will soon be no more.

Our family has been selling some things on eBay, our house is filled to the brim with he junk of years past. If other people want it, eBay will give them the chance to get it without driving to Topeka, KS.

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My mother had a bookstore in the SCA called Tomes and Tunes. If you want to see who wrote us bad checks and never made them good. If people send me the money even now, I will destroy their bounced check and take their names off the list.

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If you've ever wondered just often we clean, look at what mom found in her dresser drawer

How I joined the SCA (just because it comes up sometimes and I got permission from the author to post the quote)

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