c interkingdom graphic drawn by William Blackfox

A Brief History of Interkingdom Peace

None But Calontir-O
"With allies gathered from afar from Markland to the Sable Star
We formed a brotherhood of war upon the bridge that day"

Bare is the Brotherless Back
Vivat! The Black Star! Hurrah for Calontir! and Ansteorra!
The Lion and the Falcon stand together oer the foe!

Interkingdom Anthem
"There's a star of midnight sable And a cross of gleaming gold.
A lion, fierce and noble And a falcon, brave and bold."

Interkingdom dates from the Ansteorran wiki

June 29-July 1, 1984 1st interkingdom peace Namron
June 15-16 1985 Interkingdom Namron
July 5-6 1986 Interkingdom Calontir
July 4-6 1987 Interkingdom Calontir (Grimfells)
July 1-4 1988 Interkingdom Northkeep
July 14-16 1989 Interkingdom Moonschadowe and Wiesenfeuer
July 13-15 1990 Interkingdom Calontit (Coffeyville)
July 5-7 1991 Interkingdom Northkeep
July 3-5 1992 Interkingdom Calontir
July 2-4 1993 Interkingdom Northkeep
July 1-4 1994 Interkingdom Calontir (Bois d'arc)
June 30-July 2, 1995 Interkingdom/Sheep Wars II Moonschadowe