Tomes & Tunes Bad Check List

This is a list of people who owe us money. They took our merchandise and gave us worthless pieces of paper in return (or stole the merchandise if you prefer, that's the way I think of it.) We will be more than happy to take their name off the list when their checks are made good.

If you can help us get our money, or have more information about anyone on the list, please email us at

Tomes and Tunes no longer exists, as mom is spending her time traveling for genealogy. However these people still have never paid off their checks! We don't ask for additional money (at the time, our small town bank didn't charge a fee), just the amount of money the merchandise was worth and the names will be removed.

This page will indeed be (and now has been) updated when these checks are made good, so if the question is "I wonder if they ever paid it off", the answer is NO.

Date of check Event Name on check SCA Name (if known) Amount of check State check is from
07/01/89 Interkingdom? Teresa Freeman $38.05 Texas
07/02/90 Interkingdom? Shannon M. Johnson $14.44 Missouri
08/12/90 Pennsic Christine M. Ziegler $17.96 New York
09/01/90 Valor Jo Anne Kos $18.47 Iowa
03/25/91 TFYC Stacy B. Robinson (now Stacy Morris) Eodine MacAlister/Caithlyn Fizgerald/
Katren Fitzgerald
$68.00 Colorado
(currently in Ansteorra)
11/13/93 Crown Heather Walker Ceridwyn Colleen of Dunguaire $15.73 Missouri
02/11/97 12th Night Catherine L. Woodard $24.39 Nebraska
08/14/01 Pennsic Samuel J. Modersohn Rowan Badalament $129.78 New Jersey