Kansas Songs

Having lived in Kansas for most of my life, I've been amazed at the variety of songs about the state. Please feel free to email me about songs I don't have here. For the most part, all these songs will have been written and will be arrangements published before 1923, or I will have permission from the composer. Any song published more recently than 1923 may be covered by copyright, so be careful. There are more notes at the bottom of the page. Any and all rights remain with the copyright holders, I've just tried to make a collection for reference.

I'd love to have a brief history on any of the composers or time periods referred to. If you've written a paper or have relevant information and would like to see it here, feel free to contact me. My purpose really is to make these songs available and understandable, but I have much music to enter, and no spare time to write histories.

Territory (Pre-State)

Call to Kansas by Miss Lucy Larcom Music by E Norman Jr (1855) music
Ho! for the Kansas Plains by James G. Clark (1856) music

New State (1861-1886)

Belles of Kansas (Instrumental) by Frank F. Bidwell (1863) music
Kansas, Gem of the World by Dr. U.N. Mellette and H.J. Schonacker (1873) music
Am Dis Kansas by George M. Vickers (1880) music
Sunny Kansas Waltz by Lona DeWitt (1880's?) music

Turn of the Century (1887-1922)

My Loyal Kansas Girl by Mrs. A.E. Bingham (1911)music
Kansas, My Kansas by Mina Wampler (1914) music
Kansas Hymn by Lillian Forrest (1918) music
I Am Coming Back To Kansas by Nellie Blanche Smirl (1918 (WWI) music
Hymn to Kansas by Lewis C Biggs and Luadah Sallee Baughman (1918) music
My Golden Kansas by Harry W. Stanley and Gene Stanley (1920) music
Kansas Girl by Edith King Rees (1922) music

Modern (1923-current)

The songs in this section may be still under copyright. I will pull them down at the request of the publisher or author(s) or add any disclaimer or information they like, but for the most part these are obscure songs that are relevant to Kansas history.
Kansas Plains by Marie Everitt Galt and Louella Roberts music
Official Kansas Marches by Duff E. Middleton (1935) and Bill Post (1992) music
Sunflower by Mack David (1948) music
This is perhaps the most famous song about Kansas, simply because has been recorded by so many artists. It was also played at Eisenhower's 1952 nomination for President.
My Meadow Lark by Luther Denick (1950) music
Hail To Eisenhower by Dennis Tenney and Catherine E. Berry (1952) music
Cheers for Kansas by Robert R. Jones (1953) (based on Kansas March) music

University of Kansas Songs

Please note, unless someone sends me a link or sheet music for K-State songs (or any other Kansas colleges), they aren't going to end up here. My mom has music for KU (and albums and yearbooks, and memorablilia...) **update, Victoria Hart sent me a link to a page with K State lyrics. Still waiting for sheet music though! David Yoder's KSU fan page

The Alumni Association has a new edition of this book. You can own your very own copy! Follow this Source: sales link to purchase. I highly recommend this book!

Crimson and the Blue (1891) music Fight for Kansas (1919) music I'm a Jayhawk (1920) music
Song of the Jayhawk (1948) music
We're from Kansas (1922) music

Wichita State University

Fairmount, Fond Fairmount Words by C.C. Isely music

The format is basic HTML, nothing fancy. If I need to change anything, please let me know, on my browser they all look fine. MIDI files for the tunes are available for some, some are just the tune, some are the full arrangement, done with Noteworthy Composer. NWC files can be read with a free player available here NoteWorthy Composer. If you need music, Noteworthy (and other music programs) can take MIDI files and turn them into written music.

For the most part I have no intention of making "great" MIDI files. On these songs with sheet music, I will attempt to make it clear when the song starts, but I'm not staying up at night worrying about it. For those who don't want to bother with Noteworthy, but want sheet music (and I really think you should check the program out, it's both inexpensive and easy to use), I have listed on each page where I got the music.

I will welcome contributions, either of lyrics and midis (if you made them) or of sheet music. The note I have about not owning any K-State music is quite true. Someplace I've got some old songs from Emporia State, but nothing from K-State. I'll also take suggestions for songs to look for, but make no promises as to when it might happen.

I'm also interested in information about the composers. The "mainstream" composers are probably well documented, but the Kansas State Historical Library has a large number of songs written by people who just loved the state. More information about these people would be welcomed.

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