These are a few of the SCA boxes/Chests I've built

Background is my Hyrd Scroll done by Mistress Tatianna

North Shield Coronet

A gift from the Peers of the Shire-March of the Grimfells

On Tuesday the 6th of August, 1996, Conn, Heir to the throne of NorthShield asked me to build them Coronet boxes as they had two sets of Coronets and no storage for them. The Peers of Grimfells decided to make the boxes a gift to the Principality of NorthShield. Here is the result:
Size 16.5"X10.5"X5.75"
Top: Red Oak, native to Grimfells
End Panels: Cherry, native to Grimfells
Front and Back Panels: Black Walnut, native to Grimfells

Boxes built by Master Pavel, OP, MSCA, with assistance from Countess Fionna, Ld. Joe-Angus, Ld. Justance and Ly. Alex
Lining is gold brocade, Procured and Sewn by Countess Fionna, Mounted by Master Pavel
Hardware: Procured by Baron Craig Duggan, OP. Mounted by Pavel
Cornet Pouches: Gold and black brocade, with gold buttons. Procured and Sewn by Mistress Alarba, OP, OL
Devices: Painted by Countess Fionna.
Copper dividers: Master Pavel

Calontir Vigil Chest

Damn Big! And slow to load.

At the request of Their Majesties Eringlin and Alethea. I constructed a new vigil chest.
(It's too big to be called a box.)

That is a full size gauntlet on the lid of the chest.
36 inches wide
13 inches tall
20 inches deep
The sides are very pale white Ash. The top and bottom are rich Black Walnut. No stains were used, just 6 coats of Poly to seal the wood and protect the finish. All boards were machine planed to .5" thickness. 45 degree corners add to the over all strength. The top and bottom are rabbet in 3/8" and inset into the "box". This strengthens the whole structure. The chest has over 600 16gage brads in it. (that's over a pound of nails!) The bottom was reinforced as it was joined into the chest. The top and bottom were joined as they were installed. This left a very rough surface with up to a 1/16th of a inch difference between panels. Using a series of hand planers and cabinet scrapers I smoothed the surface of the top and bottom. (Thank you Master Kirk for showing me how.) I caulked all the inner seams with aquarium cement and water sealed the entire interior. (The chest should be watertight and float, except at the lid seam.)
Hl Marcus, Hl Joe-Angus, Hl Hufta, Ly Alex, Ly Raissa, Pheadra, Justace all helped with many parts of the wood working. (and thanks Marcus for helping me set up this web page, I've just learning HTML)
The hardware was made by Master Richard of Wolfwood. Its blackened steel. He based the design on some 1600s box hardware that was used by a colonist to the Americas (so it might be very period or slightly out of period.)
The corners are equal triangles with one side split to form a pyramid. I mounted them with brass studs that I cut and peaned over on the inside.

The Handles are large and lock at 90degrees so that they don't hurt your knuckles when carrying heavy loads. (I rate the chest at 80lbs cargo.)
The hinges come over the top and with the brass work look like leather. Being hand made the are a little out of true and this shows up by the lid not fitting perfectly (as much as a 16th out of true.)

The large brass fittings that hold the hardware on are JB Welded nut and bolt combos. The small brass are escutcheon pins that are though, cut off, and peaned.
The clasp is designed with its one closing pin built with the clasp (the pin is a 100+ year-old square nail) If viewed critically from the front it can be seen that the clasp is an inch off center (oops!)
The cross of Calatrava was etched by HL Kazimierz. It's a 4.5" brass plate. He got some very interesting pattering in the etching. It is mounted as the other hardware. It is centered properly. :)

The lining is done in gold fabric that Countess Fionna picked out and sewed for me. (She said the pattern reminded her of some Saxon ones she had seen. I don't do cloth, it jams the saws and doesn't dish for a damn.) The top is one piece fitted to the lid and the bottom is 5 panels for easier repair if needed. The fabric is mounted using standard upholstery tacks. The falcon was sewn by His grace Syr Valens. It is a gold silk falcon couched on purple broadcloth. Countess Fionna mounted/sewed it to the top for me.

All in all, I'm proud of the way it turned out

Fionna's Cornet Box

Honey, Make me one!
Top, lid closed, showing her device

The top is 1/2" Cedar and the sides are 1/2" Black Walnut, single boards for each.
Countess Fionna sewed the lining, a heavy red cloth, and painted her device.
She asked for it to be big enough to hold other things. The lid stops are my old 18k gold disco chains.
Lid Open, Showing Insides. Notice My Makers Mark on the edge of the lip of the box.

Countess Susanna made the leather coronet

Fionna's Camp Cook Stove Box

Let's Eat Stir Fry!!
Top, lid closed

It's made of standard 3/4" yellow pine. I built it before I had a planner. It's cushioned and shock padded to protect a Mr. Chef(tm) butane stove. (we use it to cook at Lilies) . It has a commercial friction lid stop. It was built as a utility box. I hope to have my whole camp in wooden boxes at some time in the future.
It is the only box that I built where every corner join is a 45 degree angle join, including the top and bottom. I had to make 2 tops before I got one that fit in the lid. I now rabbit my top and bottom in, usually about 3/8th of an inch.
Opened/inside showing shock padding

A Box For the Boga Fyrd

Aiming to Please
Boga Fyrd Box
Top, lid closed, showing brass etched plate

The top is 1/2" Red Oak and the sides are 1/2" Popular, single boards for each.
Lining of patterned crushed velvet secured with brass tacks Sewn By Lady Lina.
Lina also etched the brass medallion. Standard mundane hardware.
HL Kaz and Pavel made the box.
Lid Open, Showing Insides.

Front view

Coronet Boxes for the Baronage of Three Rivers

Fine Folks to Work With
Boxes With Coronets

Lyriel's green Lining, Fernando's gold
Baron Fernando and Baroness Lyriel requested a set of boxes for their Coronet. Fernando came down and brought his own kiln dried lumber. This was before I had a large plane so the lumber was left at its 5/8" thickness. He chose Ash, White Oak and Mahogany. It took all weekend to make the boxes just right. He bought all my meals and drink that weekend. Enjoyed working with him greatly and really enjoyed playing with the Mahogany.
With Fernandoís help I built the boxes. Fionna and Fernando chose the fabric and Fionna sewed it. The Tops are Mahogany. Fernando's sides are White Oak, Lyrielís are Ash. Hardware is store bought brass.
Close up of box showing nice grain of Mahogany.

Meredydd's Cedar Box

Has been used properly
Closed in the Grass

It is a simple Cedar box, unlined. The hardware is commercial brass. She keeps her sewing stuff in it.
I made several simple cedar boxes for folks who have gifted me over the years. Meredydd painted a very nice Icon for me at my Martyrdom event.
Meredydd says of it, "it's as sturdy as all get-out. Owen used it as a step-stool in order to get to a light switch for a few weeks, until I got tired of the light blinking on and off, and moved it out of his reach. I get lots of compliments on it. My mundane family is really impressed. The cedar makes my sewing projects smell good."

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