The Friar at War

by Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno)

My traveling companions and I arrived at the great Lilies War Thursday evening. The small puddles of water and the damp earth indicated that rain had once again visited the war. The cloudless sky and the relative dryness of things led us to believe it was a small storm or that it was old history. Not until we started into the camps, looking for a place to pitch our tent, did we learn the true story. It was a storm to go down into Calontir history and rename the event as the "Water Lilies War."

After setting up camp among other Vatavians, I then headed to the ball, which had been delayed by the storm, which I found fortunate as we had been running late. This year the ball featured its own war point. It is amazing how many Vikings knew how to dance, though I spotted a few ringers on the list who need to do penance for such apostasy. The ball was well attended perhaps helped by the adjacent Mag Mor party. Many Vatavians lasted though the ball and for several dances afterwards. They also learned what it meant to have live musicians who know how to speed up the music.

Afterwards Lord Gavin, Espen and I joined Eleanor Margaret in making the rounds of the night’s parties, which included the Jell-O wrestling down on the beach. A very good time was had by all, and it was late into the night when we all stumbled into our tents.

The next day was filled by more dancing, either by the dance classes given by a lady from Meridies, or practicing for the performance to be given for the queen that night. The practice was especially intense as two of our ladies could not make the trip and substitutes had to be found and taught on site. Two young ladies from Forgotten Sea more then amply filled in. The performance was done just prior to the evenings fireworks, and the queen was overwhelmed.

Saturday was filled by visiting with friends from other groups, a little shopping, and taking in a play produced by Juan Marcis from Three Rivers. The production was "Tamberlane" by Christopher Marlow. The acting was well done even if the wind did not help by blowing down parts of the set. The program book by Juan was just as entertaining as well as educational.

Meanwhile, Lady Elaione went to the Bardic College meeting to see if the dancers could be brought into that fold. In response to her, and to other performers’ requests, the college initiated an effort to form a branch of the college for those performers who were not bards. In the mean time Master Mikhail the Ram, dean of the Bardic College, decided to sponsor the dancers and authorized them to wear a baldric with his badge.

Court that evening was more eventful then their majesties planed as yet another storm moved though the area. It began shortly after court began, and the local ranger inquired if their majesties could keep the populace at the grand pavilion for an half hour or so. "No Problem" his majesty replied. And court continued as the pavilion walls were hastily put up. Of the awards given, the only Vatavian to receive anything was Her Excellency Rhiawen who was given the Calon Cross, though it was announced on the battlefield that His Excellency Gawin was to be knighted.

As we had struck our tent earlier in anticipation of the second storm, we left the site for dryer quarters, returning the next morning to pickup the remaining travelers before heading home.


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