Ulric's Bow

by Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno)

At a recent Baronial Court, the Archer Marshall's office was transferred. Among the regalia passed along was a bow, and it was remarked that is significance was unknown. As Historian, it is incumbent upon me to fill this gap.

In the summer of 1989 the Barony was doing a demo at Town East Mall. As usual at these things, it dragged over the course of the afternoon. During the break SCA folk patronized the local food providers. At one of these was a young man who became intrigued by the SCA.

His name was Kerry Oliver, soon to be know as Ulric Hassfeldman. He became a fixture at Dwarf's Foot forge and archery range. Within the year he had a new job, more money, his own place, a new car. He began broadening his efforts in the SCA, doing research, illustrations for the Dragonflyre.

Then suddenly he died, in his sleep, for no apparent reason. What he might have accomplished is now relegated to the might have beens. His only award of record is an Act of Dedication. In acknowledgment of the delight he received from the SCA, his family donated his gear to the Barony. In turn, his bow was given to the Archer Marshall to serve as a memorial and an inspiration.


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