Fall Champion

by Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno)

The harvest was in, and there was a nip in the air. Winter is coming. But there remained one last thing to do before settling in. So on a brisk fall day on the shores of Lake Afton, the barony gathered to proclaim a new set of champions.

The day began without as a heavy gray overcast loomed over the landscape. As the sun ascended, the clouds dissolved leaving a bright blue sky. Only the wind with its biting chill quail the gathering assemblage.

Nevertheless eleven fighters prepared to do battle. But two were pretenders, not eligible for the prize being fought. The Baron and Baroness. The tourney proceeded briskly and soon Milord Duncan gained the champion's torse.

Meanwhile, inside the hall, the artisans had their own kind of scrimmage. There were two prizes to contend for. The first, the tri-level was won by Lord Eirik (or was that Batu?). The second, the arts and science championship itself, was won by Lady Eleanor.

Even with the prize won, the fighters were loath to put up their weapons, and many feats of prowess were done that afternoon. But even fighters weary of combat, particularly when there is food set on groaning boards. So they set aside their armour and prepared for feast.

The feast featured roast beef and salmon, and lots of it. The side dish, spiced potatoes, won the prize for most period vegetable dish. An incredible shortcake took the prize for most period dessert. There was tray of pastries, but they did not last the afternoon. On a decorating note, the head table was graced by a pumpkin upon which the arms of Vatavia were carved. It was revealed after the feast that carved on the backside, facing the baronage, was a face of less then decorous nature.

During the feast, the populace was entertained by dual bards, vying for the title of Zevack, or bardic champion. While many tales of bards were told, the piece most embraced by the host was the Ode to Master Harold Isenross. It was interesting to note who was into classical music, as various people started trying to remember the tune, though all got on quickly. Though closely contested, finally Jovan Greyhawk received the nod.

Court followed, with the winners receiving awards. Lord Barbarossa of Westumbria presented a new pole ax for the champion of Vatavia. Remember Duncan, keep the pointy end away from the baronage. An another quest was pronounced. Anyone have a spare harp string?

The evening ended with a small bardic circle around the fireplace. Singing songs, telling Pavel stories, and other frivolous frivolities.


Copyright © 1997 - present His Lordship Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno). All rights reserved.

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