Baroness Bride

by Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno)

Despite the prognostication of the weather seers it wasn't a bad day, particularly in that it was the middle of January. Folks from many parts of the kingdom to see the nuptials of Baron Gabriel and Baroness Rhianwen. The sun was shining, the winds were calm, and the air was warm. Men-at-arms were showing off newly learned skill to their betters. Artisans were showing off their work made in the honor of the Baroness. And merchants were enticing customers with their wares.

Then about the hour of sext terrible news flashed though the gathering. The Baroness had been kidnapped. Quickly several teams of doughty fighters form to search for the Baroness and bring the perpetrator to justice.

So off when on their perilous quest meeting many strange dangers. Giants, screaming eels, ROUSs, and brain wracking riddles. Till at last they met their antagonist, a six fingered man who had a striking resemblance to Baron Gabriel. But even after his defeat their task was not yet done as an ever-growing brut squad has possession of the Baroness. After a wild melee, in which the Baroness changed hands several times, a gallant knight and his squires finally affected a rescue.

With the Baroness's return, a court has held, graced by the presence of Her Highness, so that all may be rewarded for their deeds. The knight and his squires for their rescue. Leif of Crescent Moon for his feats of archery, which included helping down the dreaded purple lizard Barney which had appeared on the field. And Lady Kasimira took the honors for the artisans for supplying a whole boudoir. And many other awards were given out and presents given to the bridal couple.

After a break the wedding began. Yet the tribulations were not yet over as an impostor had taken the place of the Cardinal. But His Eminence was quickly able to free himself from his bounds and chase the pretender from the hall. And so the wedding proceeded without further trouble.

Afterward the Vatavian dance troop performed a new dance that was conceived expressly in the Baroness's honor. There was to be new music was well, but the bards involved had technical difficulties. Her Excellency was overwhelmed that anyone would so honor her. So impressed was Her Highness that she requested that the dancers perform it at Lilies.

On to the feast. A several course meal, it something for everyone, and little returned to the kitchen. A number of troubadours performed various pieces for the feasters. The highlight was Master Blackfox's piping.

With compline the fete ended. And the halls were vacated and cleaned. Some went elsewhere to continue the festivities. Some went home to family. And some went home to a warm bed.


Copyright © 1997 - present His Lordship Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno). All rights reserved.

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