Writing Award Recommendations

by His Lordship Friar Thomas Bacon (David Moreno)
Orignally published in the August 2005, A.S. XL issue of the Dragonflyre, a publication of the Barony of Vatavia.

A never ending request from those who sit on thrones is for the populace to submit award recommendations. This so that those who have done something that enhances the enjoyment of participating in the Society can be recognized and be given some small award for their effort. There would be little ceremony at court if there where no awards.

Whether the award is to given at the Kingdom or the Baronial level makes little difference in filing out a recommendation form. For Baronial awards, the Dragonflyer will occasionally print a copy of the form, and HL Marie-Chantal and the Seneschal usually have copies. For Kingdom awards the form can be found online at: http://www.calontir.sca.org/award/award.html.

The biggest myth about award recommendations is about who can recommend who for what award. Anyone can recommend anyone for any award. Now the polling orders (such as the Radiant Lioness and the Star of Vatavia in the Barony and the Silver Hammer and the Pelican at the Kingdom level) will have their say in making the award, but it is not necessary to be a member of such an order to recommend someone for that award.

The reason it is important for the populace to actively recommend people is that the crowned heads can be incredibly busy, as anyone who has been one, or has attended them can attest. Thus they can not be aware of what everyone is doing. This is particularly true for their majesties. Thus they need the populace to tell them what they miss. This is also why the recommendation be submitted formally, because they are keeping track of so many things it is easy to forget something unless there is a piece of paper to remind them.

Filing out the form is simply as you only need to supply some basic information. The personís Society name. The personís modern name, helpful if the person has more than one persona. What award you want to recommend that person for. And who is recommending them. On the Kingdom form you also need to add what group they are from and what events they are planning to attend. This allows their Majesties to plan when they could give out the award (they like to give the award personally).

One other thing needs to be added, and that is why that person deserves to receive that award. Try to give specific examples of how that person meets the criteria for that award. However do not write an elaborate essay. Keep it simple and to the point.

There are two schools of thought about getting other people to sign a recommendation form. One school has many names on a single recommendation as the best way for showing popular support for giving that award. The other school recommends that each person fill out their own copy of the recommendation. There are pros and cons for each approach, but the first is the most common.

When you have finish filling the form out you can e-mail, mail, or personally hand deliver it. If you are personally delivering it, it is best to give it to the appropriate Chamberlain. It will also work better if you did not do it at a large event.

When recommending a person for a Kingdom award, please let the Baronage know the personsí name, the award you put their name in to receive, and most importantly, what they have done to receive the award. The Baronage needs to know these items because the Crown will call them. If they do not have this information readily available, a deserving person may have to wait longer for the recognition.

There are two remaining things to know about award recommendations: patience and persistence. Just because you put in a recommendation does not mean that the person will get the award at the next opportunity. The granting of the award is always at the discretion of the ruler, and there are many reasons why they may wish to put off doing so. And recommendations can be lost, misplaced, and overlooked. And thus if after a reasonable interval nothing happens, submit it again. This is particularly useful after a change of command.

There is nothing mysterious or complicated about award recommendations. And rulers are much happier when they have awards to give out. So go bury them in paperwork!


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