My Loyal Kansas Girl

Words and Music: Mrs. A.E. Bingham
Source: Kansas State Historical Society
MIDI file / NWC file

Oh, I love a little maiden out in the west,
My own little sweetheart the dearest and the best,
Her eyes like the blue of the fair cloudless sky,
And her charm I can't describe, so it's no use to try.

But when I questioned her, if she would wed with me,
And go east to live in the city by the sea,
She said she loved me fondly but never would she mate,
With any man who would not live in her Kansas State.

So I'm going out to Kansas, Queen of the West,
To wed my little sweetheart, dearest and the best;
Where the summer breezes blow,
And the wild roses grow,
And the flower of the sun proudly shares the glory
won by its namesake the sun flower State.

Oh, out in Kansas Land, where the summer breezes blow,
The air so pure and vibrant it sets one all aglow;
Where the corn tassels nod, to the rustle of the leaves,
And the acres rich and broad, yield a wealth in golden sheaves;

There lives my sweetheart girl, my loyal Kansas girl,
Who has set my pulses tingling and my heart all a whirl;
She says she loves me true but will never be my bride,
Unless I change my home and in Kansas reside.

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