Kansas, My Kansas

Words and Music: Mina Wampler
Copyright Mina Wampler, 1914
Source: Kansas State Historical Society
MIDI file / NWC file

Oh Kansas, thou beautiful land of our birth,
Who's glory and honor has brightened the earth;
Our hearts will ne're leave thee where ever we roam;
Our loved state of Kansas will ever be home.

Oh Kansas, Our Kansas, The Queen of the West;
The land of the flowers,
The one we love best.
We greet thee, adore thee,
and lift up our voice,
To sing to thee praises and with thee rejoice.

You nestled us, cared for us, all the years long;
Close rocked in your cradle and hushed by your song;
Your winds, a soft lulaby, sang us to sleep,
And calm in your bosom our slumbers were sweet.


Oh glorious state that we love more and more;
Oh land of our birth that we'll ever adore.
Our fathers here struggled to win in their fight
And dying bequethed us the things that were right.


Their spirits have passed to the great unbeknown,
Their legends were left which we claim for our own.
So guided and strengthened and led in their way
We stand all united, victorous to-day.


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