Official Kansas Marches

Kansas has two official state marches, The Kansas March adopted in 1935 and most recently Here's Kansas adopted in 1992. Both sets of music can be found in the Kansas Statutes. I found them online at the Kansas University Law site (referenced below)

Article 8. - STATE MARCHES

The Kansas March

Music: Duff E. Middleton
Source: Old book with Kansas Day celebration stuff, missing title page. Also

Some information on Duff Middleton, taken from his obituary in the Wichita Morning Eagle, November 18, 1954.

"For 17 years was director of instrumental music in the Wichita schools. [...] During his years in the Wichita Schools, Middleton established a nationwide reputation as a director of bands and as a teacher of instrumental music.

In addition to his work with shool bands, Mr. Middleton was also active as director of the American Legion band. Before coming to Wichita from Tulsa in 1928 he directed the American Legion band that won a national contest in Dallas, Tex.

[...]Mr. Middleton was born in Augusta and lived in Tulsa for some time. He directed music in the Wichita schools from 1928 until 1947 when he resigned to head the Middleton Water Well Co., a position he held until his death."

78-801. The Kansas March. The march "The Kansas March," composed by Duff E. Middleton, is hereby established as the official state march of Kansas. Said march is as follows: MIDI file / NWC file

The MIDI above is the version that is in the Statutes. At some point, Victor Murdock wrote words for the last part:
MIDI file / NWC file
Blue sky above us, silken strands of heat
Rim of the far horizon, where earth and heaven meet,
Kansas as a temple, stands in velvet sod
Shrine which the sunshine, sanctifies to God.

In 1953, Robert R. Jones rewrote the music and added words. Cheers for Kansas was the result.

Here's Kansas

Music: Bill Post

78-802. Kansas March. The march "Here's Kansas" composed by Bill Post, is hereby established as an official march of Kansas. Said march is as follows: MIDI file / NWC file

Kansas is the place for me bountiful and plain to see
miles around, with hills and plains and furrowed ground;

Kansas has a heart display, the heart of the U. S. A
and she's strong, her life line shows her life is long.

As she plans toward the future with her eyes upon the future she will trust in God from day to day;

As she rings the bell of freedom she will not forget the freedom that will bind her close in ev'ry way.

The one with the plow, the crowded street,
all walks of life with aims to meet
will agree to be as one for liberty

Kansas is alive today,
going forth in full array,
all the way and
we, the people of ev'ry county,
love Kansas more each day.



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