Kansas, Gem of the World

Words: Dr. U.N. Mellette
Music: H.J. Schonacker
Published by Kunkel Bros, St. Louis. Copyright 1873
Source: Kansas State Historical Society Library
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Ho Kansas thou country of beauty sublime,
Of orchard and meadow, of corn and of wine;
Where labor exults in the products so grand,
Oh gem of my country thou beautiful land.

Behold the broad acres around us expand,
As rich as Nile valley and smoothe as the strand,
Where vision outreaching o'er prairie and lea,
Doth blend the horizon and green waving sea.

Beautiful land, of prairies so grand,
Gem of the world, thou beautiful land.

No hills and no hollows to vex me so now,
No roots and no rocks here to ambush my plow;
But prairies as broad as the kingdoms of old,
Of beauty sublime and of riches untold.

Here all men are free-men who willingly toil,
Where none are debarr'd from the fruits of the soil;
Where Nature's rich bounty makes free-men indeed,
Regardless of garment or country or creed.


No longer my spirit shall languish in fear
Of want or oppression to those I hold dear,
No longer a subject for others command,
Or whim or caprice, in this beautiful land.

So ended forever all sadness and fear,
And wings of the morning take trouble and care;
Here Nature's rich blessings our labors command,
Oh gem of my country thou beautiful land.


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