Hymn to Kansas

Words: Lewis C Biggs
Tune: Luadah Sallee Baughman
Source: Franklin County Historical Society
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O Kansas my home O State of mine.
We sing our praise to thee,
We love thee adore thee thy name shall shine,
Shine thru eternity
We love thee because thou'rt ever true,
True to thy star in the field of blue
O Kan sas thy place in the na tion's heart
May it ev er be staunch and true.

They banner floats high O State of mine.
Soars to untrodden ways.
Thy sons ever true always first in the line
Where the emblem of justice waves
First in the fight for the cause of right
Their duty to God as their guiding light
O Kan sas the gem of a free man's land,
May we ev er to thee be true.

Thy hall of fame O State of mine.
Holds dear the honor crown
To place upon the brow of men
Who ev 'ry bar rier down
Who fear no conflict fear no man
Who know no master know no clan.
Who trust in God, O State of mine
And bow to His might y plan.

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