Fight for Kansas

Words and music by Frank Kendrie
Source: The Songs of Old KU
MIDI file / NWC file

Swing out the crimson Banner, boys, the Crimson and the Blue,
Swing out the flag our fathers loved just as they used to do.
Sing out the cheers that used to ring with a will that makes us glad to sing
Give a Rock! Chalk! Give a Jayhawk!
Give a Rock Chalk while we sing.

Alma mater, Dear old alma mater, let our light shine bright for you.
We will always be true to the crimson and the blue;
Sing it again far and wide.
Alma mater, dear old Alma mater, we are coming a crimson tide.
For we'll fight! fight! fight! for Kansas, we'll win for Kansas, old K. U.


Professor Frank Kendrie, Harvard trained orchestra conductor and Glee Club director, was asked to compose a fight song for The University in 1919. "Fight for Kansas" became the Glee Club's theme song and was heard often at University events. The student business manager, Deane Malott, did much to promote the use of the song.

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