Fairmount, Fond Fairmount

Words: C.C. Isely (brother, William H was the first dean, and one of the founders of, Fairmount College)

Far oe'r the valley sinks the day far in the west,
Flooding with yellow all the prairie vast;
Hazy shadows gath'ring, cast their somber forms around,
Voices softly calling, Breathe a sweet old sound,
Fairmount, fond Fairmount Soft thy name breaks on the air,
Fairmount, fond Fairmount, Name we hold so dear

Proud on thy mountain, sunlight gleaming from thy tow'r,
Pure wisdom's fountain, truth and honor's bow'r.
While the boundless prairies yield their fruits from year to year,
May the thousands ever Hold this name more dear,
Fairmount, forever, Here we raise a song of praise,
Fairmount, blest Fairmount, To eternal days

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