The Mother

Words: Tali Essen of the Isles
Music: Burden of the Crown by Baldwin of Erebor
copyright 2021. Permission granted for SCA performance

The room is still and silent,
the darkness fades to dawn
Where once was strain and labor
The castle stands in awe--
No sound or swift commotion
The girls no longer sing
The silence broken sharply by the first cry of a King

And now you stand before me
My first-born flesh and blood
A young and carefree maiden,
Yet now you must be strong
Listen well, my daughter
To these words that I must say
This is your final lesson
Ere you bear my son away

The dawn is fast approaching
And soon I shall depart
As you face this challenge
Let love always guide your heart
This child you must cherish
His future you must plan
The mother's duty will be yours
When you hold him in your hand

And though he seems so small now
as you hold him to your side
You will be his teacher
His guardian and guide
Teach him to be truthful
And to face adversity
Listen on the wind, My love
will always be with thee

The new day is beginning
My time has come to leave
My life has been a blessing
My child do not grieve
Protect and love thy brother
Til one day he sits the throne
Heed well these words I've spoken
Go now. Raise him as your own

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