Odin's Bards

Words: Morgana bro Morganwyg
Tune: Angus of Blackmoor
Source: Angus

Now Bards are sacred to Odin
A thing that is sometimes forgot
By those who would bind their fellows
With what they may do and may not

Tyrants they fear Bards and Poets
For they fear the songs that men sing
Freedom of heart is their foeman
A closed mind it makes a poor king

For Bards are protected by Odin
Although it may seem that he fails
Some may murder the Poets
But no one may murder the tales

Stories grow out of the spirit
And all spirits long to be free
No one can keep souls in bondage
And no Bard will serve tyranny

Men rise against the oppresser
And conquer against greater odds
The bard sings a victory story
The poet's avenged by the gods

Bards are Sacred to Odin
A thing forgotten to Men
For those who would have oppressed them
Have fallen again and again

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