The Leaving of the Queen

Words: Brom Blackhand
Tune: Wearing of the Green
Source: Calon Song
MIDI file

Attend me, you of Midrealm,
For now it must be seen
What's happened to our Kingdom
Since the leavin' of the Queen.
At Tourneys there is quiet much,
And friendship, it is lean;
The Kingdom folk are edgy
Since the leaving of the Queen.

Our Kingdom, it was happy
And our Queen would not have fled
(Had Michael not tried pullin' her
Into the royal bed.)
Well, the Middle's people, they should rise,
And sweep the High Throne clean - - -
For the Kingdom's been a pigsty
Since the leaving of the Queen.

When will the King learn to play chess?
The Queen is not a pawn!
Especially when she's someone big
As our dear NoyonKhan!
As Count with a white belt on
He never should be seen - -
His lousy game has cost us all
The leaving of the Queen.

I'm just a lowly blacksmith, but
By dragons and St. George - -
I'd like to take his royal arse
And stuff it in my forge!
Well the Boarhog of the Kingdom
Should never more be seen - -
For what he done that went and caused
The leaving of the Queen.

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